How Strength Camp Became Charlotte's Latest Stop on her Transformation Journey | Strength Camp Maryland

Read about Charlotte's journey to become the best version of herself and discover why she chose Strength Camp Maryland as the latest stop.
Andre Johnson
March 9, 2023
How Strength Camp Became Charlotte's Latest Stop on her Transformation Journey | Strength Camp Maryland

After years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, my journey took a transformative turn when I decided on gastric sleeve surgery. Whilst it was daunting and filled with an array of emotions, this life-altering decision has helped me start making positive changes in other areas such as exercise. For the first time ever, I am taking action towards achieving long-lasting health goals - which can be immensely empowering!

With a goal in mind and the will to work for it, I was determined to get fit. After 30 minutes of cardio 3 times daily plus walks with my dog, there were still no visible results - leading me to feel discouraged at first. That’s when I saw those with weights around me – an intimidating sight that left me hesitant about trying them out on my own! But then Strength Camp entered into the equation; armed with their guidance & expertise, starting up strength training became much more achievable…allowing what once felt so hopeless become possible again!

It was November 10, 2022 when I finally took the plunge to discover what my body - and mind- were truly capable of. Riding past Strength Camp each day had given me a sense that something powerful could be harnessed inside its walls. Having changed up eating habits and spending countless hours on cardio machines it still felt like an integral piece of my journey towards true strength remained elusive ... until then! Taking a leap into the unknown entailed walking through those doors to meet Andre who never once made me feel intrusive as he got me all set up for class starting just 24 hours later! My anticipation knew no bounds; this new path seemed full with infinite promise...

As I stepped into my very first Strength Camp class, the energy surrounding me was comforting and familiar. The instructor, Lindsey - her guidance was invaluable as she helped show me technique while allowing space for individual comfortability. My peers were nothing short of encouraging in their camaraderie; it truly felt like coming home finally meeting kindred spirits! However one factor still remained to be a daunting challenge: no-one else looked like me or shared similar struggles with basic techniques such as balance and form...leading self doubt and insecurity to impede what could have been an incredible experience.

After joining another gym on a whim and taking two personal trainer sessions, it still wasn't quite the right fit for me. Then I got an unexpected text from Andre in January asking if I was ready to get started – but instead of trying to convince me or pull my back into his club he simply wished me luck with all sincerity which made something inside tell me that this really is where I belonged! It's funny how one small gesture could make such a difference, isn’t it?

On January 13, 2023, When I came back to Strength Camp for some follow-up questions, this guy who only met me once; several months ago, remembered my name and welcomed me like an old friend. What a wonderful feeling that was! The welcoming atmosphere made me feel as though I truly belonged there: in the presence of individuals equally passionate about achieving their personal fitness goals. Everyone within those walls is treated with respect; no one ever feels just another number or commodity to make money from - each person matters to the trainers! They never let any inquiry go unanswered, which further cemented my sense that this isn't simply a business but an extended family for nourishing our basic human need for validation and growth."

Regardless of what happened before, never give up hope - because sometimes you can go full circle and find yourself exactly where you were meant to be.

After a fear-filled wait, I've found my place in the world of fitness; somewhere where strength and self-care intersect. Each day is filled with exciting energy as I push myself to new heights - literally! With each rep, posture perfecting routine and practice session comes an even greater sense of accomplishment that's been building since embarking on this journey. It feels incredible knowing you're taking charge of your own wellness story — no regrets here!

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